Lottie Moss thinks getting pampered is 'weird'

Lottie Moss finds getting her hair and beauty done all at once "weird", although she enjoys those 10 minutes is her only time to relax.

Lottie Moss thinks getting pampered is 'weird'

Lottie Moss finds getting her hair and beauty done all at once "weird".

The 18-year-old model, and sister of the iconic supermodel Kate, 42, has admitted she enjoys being pampered prior to attending star studded events but finds it overwhelming getting everything done at the same time, although it gives her time to relax before she becomes "awkward" on the red carpet.

Speaking to Miss Vogue online about being in the make-up chair, she said: "It's really nice to be pampered but it's quite weird when everything - hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure - is being done at once. It's your 10 minutes to relax before the madness begins.

"Being on the red carpet is such an unusual and surreal experience. I try to stay as calm as I can, but I do get awkward. I don't know how some celebrities stay so composed."

However, Lottie, who is swatting up in preparation for her exams next week, has revealed it is "important" for her to balance her modelling career with her studies, and feels she is living in "two worlds" like Miley Cyrus' character in the Disney programme 'Hannah Montana'.

Speaking about juggling her career and her education, the blonde beauty said: "It's important to me that I manage school and my modelling. I'm now able to fund my own schooling through any jobs I book.

"My A-levels start next week! Sometimes I feel like I live in two worlds. One minute I'm in a Dior suite in Cannes and then the next I'm in a classroom in Sussex. I feel like I'm Hannah Montana. "

Lottie - who is signed to Storm modelling agency - has revealed Grace Kelly is her style icon, as well as Blake Lively.

She said: "My beauty muse would have to be Grace Kelly - she did that sleek polished look so well.

"I think Blake Lively always looks so stunning. Every dress she wears on the red carpet always just looks beautiful."

And the starlet intends to emulate her Cannes style, which was perfected by the make-up artist Jamie Coombes, for her end of year prom.

She explained: "I'm having my prom soon. I'll probably try and recreate the look [from] tonight with the Dior products used for the red carpet.

"I always like my beauty focus to be on my eyes, and especially my eyebrows."

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