'Lucky' Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova says she feels lucky to be able to balance her career as a model with her philanthropic work.

'Lucky' Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova feels lucky to be able to balance modelling with her philanthropic work.

The 33-year-old model has four children - Lucas, 14, Neva, nine, and Viktor, eight, with ex-husband Justin Portman and 21-month-old Maxim with her current partner Antoine Arnault - and is preparing for the second annual Fashion Fund Fair, to raise money for her Naked Heart Foundation charity.

And Natalia feels very fortunate that her modelling clients are happy to work around her schedule.

She told Vogue.co.uk: "Let's be fair, I've been very privileged to be in an incredible position where I have contracts that make my work as a model much more controlled and much more structured.

"I can talk to my clients and they are flexible around the days so it gives quite a lot of space and time for my charity work, and this is such an important part of my life and who I am. This is the main thing that I do, but what people see is more my modelling work and that's totally fine, it suits me perfectly, this industry has allowed Naked Heart Foundation to be the success that it is."

Natalia can't wait for this year's Fashion Fun Fair as last year was so successful.

She explained: "There is definitely more hype this year and it's because of last year's success. It was such a new concept - it was at the same time exciting and challenging to work on so we are riding the wave and having fun. The Fund Fair is a very different event but as a charity, like any brand of business, we have to continue making current ways to bring fundraising into our lives."

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