Lynda Carter gave herself a reverse Mohawk hair cut

Lynda Carter gave herself a "reverse" Mohawk hair cut by accident when she mistook a cutter comb for a normal comb.

Lynda Carter gave herself a reverse Mohawk hair cut

Lynda Carter gave herself a "reverse" Mohawk haircut.

The 64-year-old actress - who played the female superhero in the TV series 'Wonder Woman' in 1975 - has admitted she accidentally hacked off her brunette locks prior to attending a red carpet event after mistaking a cutter comb for a regular comb, and has revealed she was forced to wear false hair pieces to conceal the blunder.

Speaking to W magazine about her worst hair moment, she said: "The worst one of all I've never told publicly. It's the most horrifying thing you will ever hear. About ten years ago, I was doing a big show in Atlantic City, so I went to my hairdresser to get my hair coloured. She opens the salon for me, and no one else is there. She does my hair, then I start to blow it dry. I pick up this big silver comb-which looks like a normal comb--and I start combing the top of my hair and suddenly all my hair is on the comb. It was a cutter comb! And it was just LAYING out there. I reverse Mohawked the top of my hair!

"I had to use hairpieces until it grew back. Isn't that the worst thing you ever heard? Can you imagine?"

Lynda - who was crowned Miss World America in 1972 - has revealed she "hates" wearing false eyelashes, and much prefers to don less make-up.

She explained: "False eyelashes. I hate wearing those drip eyelashes, the worst. You just can't wait to get them off your eyes.

"But I do like the individual semi-permanent ones you can get. Those are really great, if you have someone good. But if you don't, they can look ridiculous.

"I don't really wear make-up very often."

Meanwhile, the iconic female star has revealed she has passed on her mother's beauty advice, which was to avoid the sun, to her children James, 28, and Jessica, 25.

She said: "[My mother] was so ahead of her time. She said, 'Do not go out in the sun. If you do, you'll end up like a prune or an old leather purse.' At the time, there was no sun protection, so she'd wear hats and put cream on her face. And she used to give herself a facial with egg whites. She had no wrinkles on her face.

"And I harp the same with my daughter."

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