Maisie Williams will never wear a plain dress

Maisie William's will "never" be a "plain black dress girl" according to her long-time stylist Harriet Byczok.

Maisie Williams will never wear a plain dress

Maisie Williams will "never" wear plain clothes, according to her stylist Harriet Byczok.

The 18-year-old actress' fashion guru Harriet - who has been behind Maisie's wardrobe choices since 2014 - has revealed the 'Game of Thrones' actress is too "cool" to wear a "plain" black dress and styles Maisie in garments that reflect her fun personality because she is young enough to experiment with a bold wardrobe.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper about what outfits Maisie wears on the red carpet, Harriet said: "We always try to find something that reflects Maisie's personality. She's a really cool girl and I think she's never going to be a plain black dress kind of girl.

"With the red carpet, a lot of the dresses can look old or often celebrities play it quite safe."

Harriet has revealed that she is not adverse to selecting lesser known brands over luxury designers, and even turns to social media for inspiration.

She explained: "I always keep an eye out on new designers. I'm not a brand snob; if a dress works, it works irrelevant of the brand.

"Often we get tagged on things on Instagram, and it'll be something I haven't noticed before, and so we'll go with that.

"I stumbled upon Sadie Williams, which she wore to the Empire Awards, on Instagram, and I fell in love with the outfit. I am always looking to Instagram for my inspiration, and follow a lot of brands and designers, so it's a great source for style inspiration for Maisie.

"Everybody is going to have an opinion. So the most important thing is that Maisie feels like herself."

However, Maisie has never been a difficult person to style because she has a strong grasp of style and is fearless of daring cuts and bold prints.

Harriet said: "When she was 16 she did have her own personal style and it's developed. With 16 year olds it's easier, because they know what they want to look like. When you're older sometimes you're a little more scared."

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