Millie Mackintosh is 'addicted' to gym

Millie Mackintosh has admitted she's developed an obsession with working out, even though she used to dread the thought of exercise a few years ago.

Millie Mackintosh is 'addicted' to gym

Millie Mackintosh is "addicted" to exercise.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star - who has just announced her split from her husband Professor Green - has admitted she's become obsessed with the idea of working out because it makes her feel happier inside and out.

Speaking in the April issue of Women's Health magazine, she said: "I used to think about exercise with so much dread. I had this fear of exercising in front of people.

"At first, when you're not used to doing any, even a squat can feel quite alien to you and you feel really stupid. I used to think, 'How do people do it?' and now I honestly love it. I'm addicted - but addicted in a healthy way - and I've realised it makes me feel happier. Mentally and physically."

Meanwhile, alongside her daily gym sessions, the 26-year-old beauty has also been busy building a name for herself in the fashion industry and, although her collections have proved successful with her fans, she has admitted she would love to see model Gigi Hadid trotting around in her classic pieces.

She said recently: "Gigi Hadid has got such a great body and look, I'd love to see her wearing the collection."

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