Millie Mackintosh thinks flared trousers are 'elegant'

Millie Mackintosh believes flared trousers are "really elegant" and have the ability to smarten up any outfit.

Millie Mackintosh thinks flared trousers are 'elegant'

Millie Mackintosh thinks flared trousers are "really elegant."

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star, who has her own clothing line sold via Asos, believes the popular '90s comeback trend can make any outfit look smart and sophisticated.

Asked what her favourite trends are, she told "I love flares ... I love wide-legged trousers, I think they're really elegant. You shouldn't feel that you have to always wear a dress to a smart event. I think tailoring can also be a strong look. And more hats -- I love hats."

The 26-year-old beauty, who was a makeup artist before her big break on 'MiC', is preparing to launch her clothing line internationally through in the coming months and has admitted some of the pieces were daring.

One of the best-selling pieces was her fitted navy velvet jacket with '70s-inspired flared cuffs but the blonde beauty didn't know if the low-cut front would be too much.

She explained: "It's been such a hit. It was a bit of a risky piece -- it was like, will people like it or not?

"It's just whether it's commercial or not, I would wear it but would every other girl I think about (wear it)? It's really low cut and it's like, would the customer wear it with something underneath or be confident to just wear it with tit tape?"

However, Millie says building her fashion empire has been a learning curve and she's still trying to work things out.

She added: "You just learn as you go along."

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