Naomi Campbell farted during yoga session

Naomi Campbell was left embarrassed after she accidentally farted during a one-to-one workout session, although she admitted it was "kind of silent" and she hoped the instructor didn't notice.

Naomi Campbell farted during yoga session

Naomi Campbell accidentally farted during a yoga session.

The 45-year-old supermodel has confessed she does little exercise and relies on yoga or Pilates to maintain her slender frame, although a one-to-one fitness session flared up some flatulence and resulted in her letting out a "kind of silent" bottom burp, which she hoped the instructor didn't notice.

Speaking on Channel 4 TV show 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' to air on Thursday night (21.04.16) about her workout and the gassy mishap, the catwalk icon said: "When the instructor said you might get some air you just have to let it out. Just got to let it out darling. They are used to it. They know that can happen.

"When I went to India they said you might pass wind, I was like, 'I hope I don't, but if it comes out it comes out.' I am a silent, 'it didn't come out of me' kind of silent but I'm the only person in the room so who else could it be? I just hoped they didn't hear it. They are expecting it trust me."

Meanwhile, Naomi has admitted she avoids running because she can't do it and steers clear of dance classes because they make her figure to bulky.

When asked by the comedic host if she exercised, Naomi - who had to rest her leg on Alan's couch after injuring her foot - said: "Not very much. I love yoga and Pilates because I can't run. I get very bulky from dance so running just makes me muscle woman, so I just do Pilates and yoga. I like those two but I haven't done it for a minute, but I'm going back to it as soon as I can. Once I've healed [her leg] I'm getting back to it."

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