Naomi Campbell will never have a facelift

Naomi Campbell has vowed to "never" have a facelift and relies on celotape and moisturising twice a day to maintain a fresh complexion.

Naomi Campbell will never have a facelift

Naomi Campbell would "never" have a facelift.

The 45-year-old supermodel - who was scouted by Synchro modelling agency at the age of 15 when she was out window shopping in London's Covent Garden - has vowed to never go under the knife to try and stay looking youthful, and uses a bizarre combination of Sellotape and moisturisers to keep her skin taught and fresh.

Speaking to about her top beauty tips, she said: "I would never do a facelift. So I use tape."

Naomi - who plays Camilla Marks in Fox drama 'Empire' - says her mother Valerie Morris instilled in her a great skin care regime which involves dousing her body and face in cream twice a day.

She explained: "I always, always, always use cream. I think I cream my body twice a day ... Something my mother instilled in me when I was a child."

The catwalk icon - who has graced the cover of countless magazines during her phenomenal four-decade spanning career and modelled for virtually every major fashion house in the world - also claims that a minimal use of make-up has protected her skin.

She said: "I like to put a little shimmer inside my eyes just to kind of make me look bright and awake and alert. I don't like too much powder on my face in terms of make-up.

"And accessories - it's all accessories to make yourself feel better and look good."

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