Natasha Poly 'relaxed' approach to modelling

Natasha Poly thinks welcoming her daughter Aleksandra into the world two years ago has allowed her to re-evaluate her priorities.

Natasha Poly 'relaxed' approach to modelling

Natasha Poly believes she's a lot more "relaxed" about her modelling career since she has become a mother.

The 30-year-old model, who has over 10 years runway experience under her belt, has admitted her priorities have shifted since she welcomed her daughter Aleksandra two years ago and her job now takes a back seat in her life.

She explained to Vogue magazine: "I became a lot more relaxed since I had my family. I have my personal life and don't get upset when I don't get certain booking, because that is no longer the most important thing to me."

And, although she's just hit the third decade of her life, the Russian beauty doesn't have an issue with ageing and is proud she's managed to remain this long in the industry.

She said: "I started modelling at such a young age - I was 15 - so getting to 30 and having this career is a big milestone.

"I am so much more mature and confident now so I wouldn't change my age for anything."

And with a long career comes experience, and Natasha has collected a book of tips and tricks over the years.

She added: "You don't want to be one of the girls who can't remember and then make a mistake."

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