Nicole Richie's closet hit by tornado

Nicole Richie admits her closet is so unorganised it often looks as if it has been hit by a "tornado".

Nicole Richie's closet looks like it has been hit by a "tornado".

While the fashion designer always looks pristine on the red carpet she has confessed she often leaves her wardrobe in a state of disarray but puts the mess down to being born a Virgo.

She said: "You would look at my closet and think that a tornado hit it.

"I'm a Virgo, so my closet is very messy - but it makes sense in my head."

The 33-year-old star believes the most important thing to have in her wardrobe is "colour" and insists she doesn't follow fashion trends as she finds them too restricting.

She said: "Colour makes me happy. It definitely lifts me up, so I love the idea of a lot of colour.

"I don't even know what trends are out there. And I actually try to stay away from trends, because they just feel really limiting to me. Fashion is really about self-expression. We're women, and we all have different kinds of bodies, sizes, and personalities - and I have yet to see one trend really be okay with everyone across the board."

The pink-haired beauty added her style is inspired by women who don't hold back when it comes to expressing themselves.

She told InStyle: "The fashion that excites me most is when people are expressing their creativity, and really diving headfirst into that. There are so many people whose style I admire that's nothing like mine. I just appreciate when someone can really take their individuality and tap into that in a creative space."

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