Nina Ricci heiress convicted

Arlette Ricci, the heiress to the Nina Ricci fortune, has been found guilty of tax fraud.

The heiress to the Nina Ricci fortune has been found guilty of tax fraud.

Arlette Ricci, who is the granddaughter of the late designer Nina Ricci who founded her eponymous label in 1932, has been charged in a Parisian court and sentenced to one year behind bars.

The multimillionaire was accused of hiding her money in Swiss bank accounts for the past 20 years and avoiding paying tax on her full earnings.

According to the MailOnline, Arlette, 74, was convicted after the court viewed a transcript of a phone conversation between her and her daughter, Margot Vignat.

Unaware that the phone line had been bugged, Arlette confessed she was aware she was breaking the law by hiding her wealth in property in a luxury Swiss ski resort.

The transcript records her as saying: "I was never troubled. So I bought a chalet in Klosters, and now it's fine.

"It's been three years so I think I'm free of any type of inspection. Everyone got done but not me. They had to give themselves in and pay a fortune."

She recognises the illegality of her actions later on in the conversation when her daughter worries of the "damage" hiding her fortune could cause.

Arlette replies: "Yes, of course, because all that is very illegal."

In addition the heiress was fined £700,000 and had her Parisian home and a holiday property on the island of Corsica worth an estimated £3 million seized.

Margot , 51, was also convicted and given an eight month suspended sentence.

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