Olivia Culpo shocked mum as Miss Universe

Olivia Culpo reveals her mum was upset with her choice of career when she first started out as a beauty queen and went on to become Miss Universe.

Olivia Culpo shocked mum as Miss Universe

Olivia Culpo's mum found her career as a beauty queen "shocking".

The brunette beauty - who won the Miss Universe title in 2012 - revealed her mother was initially against her choice of career when she began to compete in pageants and her interest in makeup grew because she believed it was "vain"

Olivia, 23, explained: "My mom is a natural beauty, doesn't have any beauty products at all.

"When I became really invested in doing other people's makeup and my own makeup and competing in all these pageants for her, it was very shocking. She didn't really like it and thought a lot of it was vain."

She added: "So she started to tell me 'less is more' and I agree ... It's important for people to feel beautiful, but it's more about what's on the inside. That's something my mom actually told me growing up all the time."

Meanwhile, the stunner - who is a trained cellist - revealed she was actually a "band geek" as a child.

Asked what fans don't know about her, Olivia told fashionnstyle.com: "I think it would be that I played the Cello, music education is very important to me. When I was younger I guess, I was considered a band geek.

"I spent my summers at band camp, and I used to lug around this giant Cello after school. It was interesting being a little bit of an outlier."

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