Olivia Munn: Eating ice cream makes me 'relatable'

Olivia Munn claims eating ice cream and carbs makes her "more relatable" as she doesn't want to be the kind of person who constantly talks about diets and fitness.

Olivia Munn thinks eating ice cream and carbs makes her more "relatable".

The 34-year-old actress has confessed that while she likes to think she'll start exercising more in the future, she believes eating junk food and sugary snacks makes her more "relatable".

She explained: "There are people who look amazing, and they go to yoga and pilates and talk about their diets and they look great all the time. I wish I could do that. I tell myself that I'm going to start doing yoga every single day and that I'm not going to eat carbs anymore, because they make me bloated and tired. And then I tell myself, 'Hey, you're not a model! You're an actress! Eating makes you more relatable!' "

The 'Magic Mike' star confessed, however, that she knows she's just making excuses for herself but doesn't mind as long as she's happy.

The brunette beauty told Hong Kong's Prestige magazine: "Of course, I know I'm just giving myself an excuse to eat ice cream. Yesterday, before this shoot, I wasn't stressed out or tired or sick. There was no reason for me to have to eat the rocky road ice cream. But in my head I tell myself it doesn't matter because I'm not a model and they Photoshop everything anyway.

"The reality is, we don't walk around life with an Instagram filter on. Although maybe we should. I should ask everyone to wear Instagram filter glasses so we all look amazing all the time. In reality, though, instead of feeling bad, I should really just be as healthy as I should be."

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