Olivia Palermo matches her nail varnish with her mood

Olivia Palermo matches her the colour of her nail varnish with her mood, although she mostly opts for red lacquer.

Olivia Palermo matches her nail varnish with her mood

Olivia Palermo matches her nail colour with her mood.

The 30-year-old fashion muse - who joined forces with the nail brand Ciaté London in January 2015 - chooses her varnish based on how she is feeling that today, although she mostly sticks to red fingertips like her mother Lynn Hutchings, who she named the nail shade in her beauty collection after.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine about her favourite lacquer, the brunette beauty said: "Right now I'm into blues, but I choose my nail colour based on my mood. I stick to red most the time, as does my mum - Hutch is named after her for that reason. It's perfect mother Hutchings red. It's classic and goes with everything."

The former 'The City' reality star - who married Johannes Huebl in 2014 - has revealed she is a dab hand at painting her finger nails, which resemble the handiwork of a trained expert, although she rarely does it herself.

Speaking about her DIY manicure, she explained: "I very rarely [paint my nails myself] - but if I have to I'm really good at it and nobody can tell!

"I go to have a manicure every 4-5 days and have been going to Plaza M in New York for ages. I love it - it's super chic and you see a lot of editors and fashion editors in there. While I'm having my manicure, I switch off my phone and use the time to relax and recharge my batteries.

"When I travel, I still go for my manicures - I've hunted out the best places all over the world.

"It's the perfect accessory as you need hair and make-up to help tell the story of how you feel that day."

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