Olivia Palermo's 'travels' inspire her fashion

Olivia Palermo has revealed her fashion choices and creations are inspired by what she sees on her "travels".

Olivia Palermo's 'travels' inspire her fashion

Olivia Palermo gets her fashion inspiration from her "travels".

The model-and-designer is always on the lookout for new ideas when she's out and from the art and media she consumes.

Olivia also takes tips from what the stars wear on the red carpet but realistically accepts the high end fashion on display at showbiz events is not going to transfer to daily wear.

She said: "I get inspirations through my travels, through movies, a fashion book, street style. That's really where I get my inspiration from and not so much on red carpets. But of course if there are outfits on the red carpet that are highlighting designers that I love it's nice to see."

Olivia, 29, does enjoy dressing up for work and for her husband Johannes Huebl.

However, when the couple enjoy a date night at the movies, an art gallery or a trip to the theatre she usually keeps her outfit simple.

Speaking in a 'I Love Movies' video feature for InStyle, she shared: "My go to outfit is something that's easy ... Probably leather pants and a chiffon top and an overcoat and either a strong pair of flats or a heel or a bootie."

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