Olivia Wilde's short struggle with jeans

Olivia Wilde struggles to find a decent pair of jeans that fit because of her short legs, which means she always has to wear high heels.

Olivia Wilde's short struggle with jeans

Olivia Wilde struggles to fit into jeans because of her short legs.

The 32-year-old actress - who has paired up with H&M Conscious Exclusive 2016 collection to promote their eco-friendly range - has admitted she cannot follow current fashion trends because of the less-than-impressive length of her limbs.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine about her wardrobe dilemma, the 5ft 7in brunette beauty said: "I can't fit into any of the pants because people in the '70s apparently just didn't have hips. I guess that's all the hormones in our food, but I don't understand it. You pick up the jeans and they're straight - there's no butt and there's no hips. They're for a straight body. I try to wear the trend [like boyfriend jeans], but it always looks terrible, because I have really short legs."

Olivia has admitted that her height has forced her to make other fashion decisions and wear high heels, although she would rather opt for a laid back sports-luxe look.

Speaking previously to Fashionista online, she said: "If I could wear sneakers more on the red carpet, I would. I have short legs, so I always wear heels."

The 'Vinyl' star has revealed she relies on vintage garments instead, and has done since the age of 12, which has seen her become a dab hand at revamping antique pieces.

She explained: "I know what to look for and know what to do when I see something that's messed up. You can buy it, take it to a seamstress and it's not that expensive fix it, clean it.

"It's much cooler to have something that has history than to just buy something new."

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