Paloma Faith gets treated differently when she wears make-up

Paloma Faith has revealed she believes people treat her differently depending on whether or not she's done her hair and make-up.

Paloma Faith gets treated differently when she wears make-up

Paloma Faith gets treated differently depending on her make-up.

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' singer believes people react differently to her when she is wearing make-up and perfume, but insists happiness is the key factor in being beautiful.

She said: "I can tell that when I wear makeup and perfume, people treat me differently to when I don't. I think there are many elements to self-confidence, and beauty is certainly one of them, but if you're happy in yourself, that shows on the outside."

The 33-year-old musician is known for her wacky and risque outfits and explained she was interested in the world of fashion from a young age due to her predominantly female family, who often chatted to her about the topic and helped her discover her own unique style.

She added to The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I've always loved beauty and fashion. I was brought up by a family of women, and a lot of early conversations were about colour co-ordination and sequins. My ethos is to straddle the line between self-preservation and enjoyment. It is a thin line."

And despite her family's influence, when asked to choose the person she most looks up to in terms of style, the BRIT Award winner named the late actress Marilyn Monroe because she embraced her own body.

She added: "Marilyn Monroe is my ultimate style icon. She worked with what she had and made it beautiful."

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