Pamela Anderson regrets Baywatch days wearing Ugg boots

Pamela Anderson has revealed she looks back on her days wearing Ugg boots on the sexy Los Angeles soap opera 'Baywatch' with regret.

Pamela Anderson regrets Baywatch days wearing Ugg boots

Pamela Anderson regrets making Ugg boots popular on 'Baywatch'.

The blonde bombshell became a global pin-up playing red swimsuit-wearing lifeguard C. J. Parker on the TV series.

When she wasn't shooting her scenes on the Malibu beach, Pammie would keep her feet warm by wearing the sheepskin boots which went on to become a worldwide fashion craze.

The 48-year-old beauty is now a committed animal rights activist and works with PETA on their campaigns and she deeply regrets unwittingly being responsible for millions of women across the world buying the footwear.

Recalling her days on the show, she said: "I made them (Ugg boots) popular unfortunately on 'Baywatch'. They used to call them 'Pammies' all over the world."

The 48-year-old beauty - who wearing the boots in 2007 - has created her own vegan line of boots made out of recycled TV screens, and hopes they'll take over as the new 'Pammies'.

She told PEOPLE: "I wanted to make my own Pammies, which are really Pammies and which means compassionate, sexy and these boots are really exciting ... We've been doing this for 15 years and finally we got them together.

"We wanted to find really great fabrics and these are made out of recycled electronics. Fifteen years ago they thought I was crazy that I wanted to make boots out of TV screens."

Speaking of the designs, she added: "It's very Malibu, very West Coast, very Big Sur, Vancouver, Whistler, Aspen, Copenhagen."

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