Pandora Delevingne has launched pop-up shop

Pandora Delevingne has launched a pop-up shop that opened today (19.04.16), which will see handmade clothes, authentic accessories, vintage garments and designer pieces on sale.

Pandora Delevingne has launched pop-up shop

Pandora Delevingne has launched a pop-up shop today (19.04.16).

The mother-of-three has set up her own boutique, which features authentic South African jewellery, vintage garments and designer pieces from Burberry, Valentino and Balmain, costing between £10 to £30, for three weeks.

Speaking to Vogue magazine about her inspiration behind her latest venture, the 56-year-old star said: "It all started when I was in South Africa. I was staying with a girlfriend who was making these wonderful missionary necklaces. What happens, is that the missionaries go out preaching and educating, and pick up little trinkets along the way.

"My girlfriend then makes them into necklaces and the money they sell for goes back into the charitable work being done. Every one that I've worn I've sold - my friends just love the 'theatre' of them. I saw a shop in South Africa that was closing down and had all of these beautiful poetry pieces - so I went in and struck a deal to buy the lot."

A Manoush dress, exclusive items designed by Karien Belle, a limited edition Ukrainian-embroidered frock as well as unique handmade pieces are available to purchase in the affordable collection, although to browse the clothing range a phone call appointment is needed.

Despite Pandora's model daughters Cara, Poppy and Chloe currently taking the limelight - with the 'PaperTowns' actress fronting a number of campaigns for luxury brands - Pandora has revealed that an interest in the fashion industry has always run through her family's genes.

Pandora - who owned a children's clothing shop on Fulham Road, London, prior to pioneering the VIP personal shopping experience at Selfridges - explained: "I'm a seller! And My mother, Jane Stevens, had a column called 'Serendipity' in British Vogue, which was all about discovering new things."

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