Paris Hilton creates phone light to take good selfies

Paris Hilton has been busy working on a new phone case light in China to enable her fans - who buy the item - to take the perfect selfie.

Paris Hilton creates phone light to take good selfies

Paris Hilton has created a special phone case with an inbuilt light that will enable fans to capture the perfect selfie.

The 34-year-old socialite has been working on the The Paris Selfie Light, which is set for release in two months' time via her website, because she's fed up of taking bad photos.

She explained: "I made it in China. It's called The Paris Selfie Light. They're coming out soon, because flash always looks really bad.

"If you're in the dark, or you're at a club, so often your camera just won't focus on your face, or you have no control over the angle. So I would find myself always buying external light at photo equipment places. So I thought, 'This is silly. Why not put the lights directly on your phone case, surrounding your phone, almost like a vanity light?'

"Because really it's all about lighting. And finding your angles and practicing."

And, although she's been busy working on her new phone light, the talented DJ hasn't let it stop her from focusing on other ventures because she's a self-confessed "workaholic."

Speaking to Yahoo Style, she said: "I just released my 19th fragrance. It's called Paris Hilton Limited Edition.

"I'm opening my own hotels around the world. I have seventeen product lines. I'm writing a new book and producing a new show. I'm a workaholic. I truly don't stop. And my new single, 'High Off My Love,' is number three on Billboard Charts. So I'm really excited about that."

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