Paris Hilton will never dye her hair

Paris Hilton loves her blonde hair colour so much she vows she will "never" dye it dark, nor will she cut it short agai, but she will experiment with her hair by wearing different wigs.

Paris Hilton will never dye her hair

Paris Hilton will "never" dye her hair.

The 35-year-old American socialite "loves" her blonde hair so much she has vowed not to change the colour of her locks, although she will don a wig if she wants to experiment with various shades and shapes to prevent damaging her hair.

Speaking to Marie Claire online about her golden tresses, the New York-born beauty said: "I'm blonde and I love it. I've never dyed my hair dark. I'll sometimes wear a wig when I'm somewhere with lots of people, such as Disneyland. It's fun to be able to change my hair colour without worrying about the damage."

And 'The Simple Life' star has revealed she won't cut her hair following a disastrous pampering session prior to shooting an episode of the American television series.

Talking about the scarring trip to the hair dressers, she said: "I'll never cut my hair short again!

"During The Simple Life, I had extensions removed and decided to try a shorter style. The hairdresser was very famous and did everyone's hair, so I trusted him. I was on my phone, and when I looked up my hair was up to my ears - I looked like a boy! I was too embarrassed to say I didn't like it, so I just went into the bathroom and cried. He ruined my hair."

Meanwhile Paris - who recently split from her Swiss businessman boyfriend Thomas Gross after one year of dating - will undergo a juice detox in preparation for the summer months.

She said: "I love smoothies and juices. In the summer, I'll do a juice diet and drink only juice for three days - it's usually if I have something big coming up where I'm going to be wearing a bikini."

However, Paris has admitted she never used to sunbathe when she was younger, but will now only wear SPF factor 50 when she is tanning in fear of destroying her fair skin.

She said: "When I was younger, my friends would sunbathe - I would be the only one not doing it. My mother told me that the sun would destroy my skin, and I'm glad I listened to her. I'm still strict with my SPF; I use Chanel UV Essentiel Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF50."

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