Paul McCartney's tour inspires anti-paparazzi fashion

Sir Paul McCartney was the inspiration for a new anti-paparazzi fashion line created by music producer Chris Holmes.

Sir Paul McCartney's tour is the inspiration for a new anti-paparazzi fashion collection by music producer Chris Holmes.

The Los Angeles-based DJ - who has worked with Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas and LL Cool J - has created the clothing line called Flashback, which causes cameras with flashes to ruin photographs.

Chris came up with innovative idea when he was on the road with the former Beatle on his 'Out There Tour'.

He told LA's CBS Local Online: "It's called retro-reflective material. I had a pair of shoes that were made of it and when people were taking photos of me (on tour with Paul) and I was wearing the shoes, it was ruining all the photos."

It's also said that Marlon Brando's suit from the 'Superman' movie was made out of a similar material.

Chris has teamed up with Betaband to offer the general public, as well as giving celebrities the chance to wear it.

On how the idea was conceived he explained: "The idea originally was, you know, to kind of give people more control over whether or not they're photographed. Pretty much everywhere you go, everybody's got their camera out. Everybody's waiting for a crazy moment to capture to post online."

On being asked how the material works, he added: "If you take a photo with an iPhone or any kind of smartphone with a flash, the camera can't compensate for the brightness of the jacket, so it turns into pure white and everything else is completely blacked out."

The reflective items come with a promise to turn you into a "thermonuclear photobomber", according to the product description.

The range is available via

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