Pharrell Williams' 'mentor' is Karl Lagerfeld.

Pharrell Williams' "mentor" is Karl Lagerfeld, although the musician also sources his influence from "everyday people" too.

Pharrell Williams' 'mentor' is Karl Lagerfeld.

Pharrell Williams' "mentor" is Karl Lagerfeld.

The 'Happy' hitmaker, who partnered with Adidas Originals in 2014 and has recently launched a second spring collection for the footwear brand called Adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams Pink Beach collection, has admitted the 82-year-old head designer of the luxury brand Chanel is his inspiration, although he is also influenced by "everyday" people.

Speaking to WWD online about his style muse, the Grammy-award winning artist said: "[Karl Lagerfeld] is definitely a mentor.

"My style inspiration comes from regular, everyday people. People you see walking down the street or down sidewalks, Whole Foods [or] gas stations. They have the best style. Construction. The more individuality you've got -- it doesn't mean you need to be weird, but just be noticeably yourself. I love those kinds of characters. Those are the most inspiring to me because what they wear is perfunctory."

And the creative director of Adidas Originals, Nic Galway, has revealed the collaboration is not about reviving vintage fashion but about the "culture" of their brand.

Nic said: "Originals isn't about old sneakers. It's about culture. And music and our brand have always been closely linked.

"Pharrell in particular stands for the same values as us. He's all about positivity. He's about connecting people and he's about inclusivity. And that's really true to our values too and that's why we wanted to collaborate."

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old rapper believes social media has helped the fashion and music industry evolve.

He explained: "It was bound to happen. It's where technology is, so it's a factor.

"The human race will never be the same and that's a good thing. This means we're still evolving so it's just about what we do with the information that we get. Knowledge is a responsibility. It's expanding. It's changing rapidly. Every decade music is completely unrecognisable from the decade before it. Fashion is completely unrecognisable from the decade before it. Design. The culinary experience. It all just continues to evolve."

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