Poppy Delevingne's button phobia

Model Poppy Delevingne has confessed she is "freaked out" by buttons but has had to learn to control her fear of the fastenings because of her job.

Poppy Delevingne
Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne has a phobia of buttons.

The 28-year-old model has confessed she is freaked out by the fastenings but has had to learn to control her acute fear because of her job.

She explained: "I most dislike buttons - they freak me out a bit! I used to have a slight phobia, which I've had to work on because of my job."

The blonde beauty - who is close friends with fellow model Alexa Chung - also doesn't let her fear impact on her hobbies so the stylish pair can go vintage shopping together.

She said of one particularly successful spree in Dallas, Texas: "We went to this fantastic street and found an amazing shop called Dolly Python - it had the best denim shirts, cowboy boots and I found the greatest body suit. I wore it to my hen do. Alexa's got a great eye for that sort of stuff. She bought a lot of high-neck tops."

Poppy - who is the older sister of Cara Delevingne - also shared her top style tips and believes it's important to "bring a sense of humour" to any outfit.

She told Vogue magazine: "You always have to enjoy what you're wearing and bring a sense of humour to it. To me there's no method to the madness, just have fun with it.

"Diversity definitely makes the best wardrobe- you want to look in and see a range so you can always dress for your mood."

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