Rachel Bilson's baby doesn't recognise her with makeup on

Rachel Bilson has admitted her baby daughter Briar gets really confused when she wears makeup because she's not used to seeing her mother done up.

Rachel Bilson's baby doesn't recognise her with makeup on

Rachel Bilson's baby daughter doesn't recognise her when she has makeup on.

The 34-year-old actress prefers to keep her beauty routine to the minimum because 13-month-old Briar gets confused when she sees her face smothered in lots of products.

Rachel explained: "In my own life, it's a little bit of mascara, a little ChapStick, and I'm ready to go. Maybe I'll add a little eyeliner in there to spice things up. Maybe a little bronzer.

"If I ever have anything on - like if I have mascara on - my daughter just stares at me for, like, five minutes like, 'Who are you?' Because [makeup] has become so nonexistent, the easy things that you can do, like hydrating your lips, makes me feel a little better and look a little better.

"It's something that can give you a little pick-me-up. It's that easy and doesn't take any time."

The brunette beauty has admitted her regime has changed a lot since she became a mother last year because she doesn't have time to pamper herself like before.

She explained to PEOPLE.com: "There are days when you don't get out of your pyjamas, and showering is a rare occurrence. I'd say it's changed a lot [since becoming a mother]. Just taking care of my skin as much as possible has been the priority ... it's not about looks anymore."

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