Ralph Lauren was inspired by England

Ralph Lauren's eponymous clothing range was inspired by England because of the "non-fashion fashion" style.

Ralph Lauren was inspired by England

Ralph Lauren's eponymous clothing range was inspired by England.

The 76-year-old American fashion designer - who launched his designer fashion label, which started with men's ties under the company Polo almost 50 years ago, and later launched a menswear line - has admitted the British "non-fashion fashion" style was the muse behind the clothing line.

Speaking to The Times newspaper about the ideas behind Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph - who changed his name Ralph Lifshitz at the age of 16 - said: "I have always loved England because of the 'non-fashion fashion'. English style was one of my inspirations because it was not about fashion. You wear a sweater when gardening and put a patch on it and it looks great.

"When I first came to London I loved English clothes and I was shocked when I saw one time a lot of flashy clothes that didn't look like England. England was trying to look like something else. Now England looks like England."

"It doesn't matter who you are I have something for you. I make clothes for all kinds of people."

Although, the philanthropists fashion house is synonymous for the polo-player logo and is named after the sport as well as him, Ralph has only ever played one version of the game "cowboy polo", which sees you ride broomsticks instead of horses, although Americans were unfamiliar with the activity.

He explained:"[I have only played] cowboy polo, out west, where they use brooms.

Speaking about the name for the luxury brand, he said: "I like sports and I couldn't call it baseball or basketball and I thought: 'Polo' Although Americans didn't know what polo was really, people who go to polo matches are stylish people. So I thought the name was really good and then I added my name."

Despite signing over the CEO role to Stefan Larsson last year, the creative mastermind is not ready to stop working.

The father of three - who has sons Andrew, 47, David, 44, and daughter Dylan, 42, with his wife Ricky - said: "I just keep going. I still work hard every day. I do the same thing I have always done. I'm not ready to stop. I like what I do.

"I can't do it forever."

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