Rebel Wilson's 'search' for cool clothes

Rebel Wilson admits she had to "really search" to find clothes that are cool because she is a size 16 to 18.

Rebel Wilson's 'search' for cool clothes

Rebel Wilson had to "really search" for cool clothes.

The 'Pitch Perfect' star is a size 16-18 and admits she used to find it hard to buy more outfits for her wardrobe because she is considered to be "plus size".

She explained: "I'm a size 16 to 18, so in the plus size range. I have to really search for cool stuff. I'd have to get certain t-shirts that were deemed oversized by a regular brand, just to wear something that was slightly cool.

"I'd have to get jeans from a certain place. There was never really one spot where I felt you could get lots of your wardrobe from, and that was all on-trend and all cool. It was always a mission to find cool stuff."

And the 35-year-old actress - who has recently launched her own fashion collection for curvy women - loves being known as 'plus size' and insists she's "not precious about adjectives".

She added to Yahoo! Style: "I like plus size. Plus is good, like if you get an A+, it's heaps better than an A in your exams. I don't mind it. I like the plus size thing, or being called a curvy girl. Whatever people want to say.

"I play a character called "Fat Amy" [in Pitch Perfect] and I've become quite famous for it. So obviously, I'm not precious about adjectives."

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