Reese Witherspoon likes to tell stories through fashion

Reese Witherspoon likes to be able to tell a story through fashion and says she is "very motivated" to tell stories that haven't yet been told.

Reese Witherspoon likes to tell stories through fashion

Reese Witherspoon likes to tell a story through fashion.

The 'Wild' star - who has her own lifestyle brand Draper James - feels "very motivated" to share stories that haven't been already told through her company.

She said: "The South is on fire right now. I'm a storyteller, and fashion is storytelling, too. This has put me in a new sphere of influence. I'm very motivated to tell stories which haven't been told."

However, the 40-year-old actress - who has Ava, 16, and Deacon, 12, with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe and three-year-old son Tennessee with her spouse Jim Toth - admits she was initially nervous about starting her own business with no previous experience in retail or distribution.

She added to Glamour magazine: "Starting a new business at the age of 39, not knowing anything about retail, distribution, e-commerce, net sales, I had a huge learning curve. It's all my own money, all my own time."

Meanwhile, Reese previously revealed she takes fashion advice from her daughter.

She said: "She's so much cooler than I am! She's very cutting-edge and she knows a lot about fashion, and she has her own sense of style, which is amazing.

"We try to kind of confer about new styles. She tells me whether or not I can wear things."

The pair also regularly swap clothes and Reese says her daughter has "great taste".

When asked what she's allowed to wear from her closet, she said: "Anything she wants to wear. She and I just swap clothes. She's got great taste. I love to see the way she has her own sense of style. She's a young woman and is really developing her sense of what she wants to look like.

"We actually both love the same hats, that's what's funny. And we both love makeup. We go to Sephora maybe way too much. Ridiculous. But it's fun - it's great to have a girl and get to go shopping together and buy makeup and stuff ... I really trust and value her opinion; she's a very smart young woman and she helps me make a lot of decisions."

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