Rihanna's Puma challenge

Rihanna is relishing her role as creative director at Puma and her "challenge" has been to "uproot" the label and do something new.

Rihanna's Puma challenge

Rihanna wanted to "uproot" Puma.

The 'FourFiveSeconds' hitmaker was stunned to be approached by the sports label to be their brand ambassador and creative director for the women's line, but is enjoying the "challenge" of doing something new.

Asked if being creative director had always been a dream, she said: "Creative director of such a big sports brand? Absolutely never something I could see happening, never something I put on my bucket list. It wasn't even a possibility in my mind.

"When Puma reached out to me, they engaged with such trust and openness about it.

"They were willing to let me be creative and express myself in whatever way I wanted to. They wanted a change.

"So I thrive off of challenge like that. I love situations where I can just make something completely different.

"The challenge is figuring out what you can offer to a brand like this. I just had to uproot it. I just had to go from the ground up and say I'm just going to go there.

"Whatever works, works, whatever doesn't. And they were willing to go there with me."

So far, the only barrier the 27-year-old star has hit with her vision is financial as she wants her collection to be affordable for everyone.

Asked if anything had been deemed impossible, she told the New York Times newspaper: Just a couple technical things. Not because Puma didn't want to. They spend the money and they make sure that they try the best to make it what I want. And then they let me know the ramifications that come with that.

"'OK Ri, it looks cute but it costs four grand. Do you want to do that?' And of course I never wanted to do that. I actually want people to wear my stuff."

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