Rita Ora made Adidas Originals range for all women

Pop star Rita Ora has revealed her Adidas Originals collection was designed with an Asian influence and to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Rita Ora made Adidas Originals range for all women

Rita Ora designed her Adidas Originals collection to hide her short legs.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker has collaborated with the sportswear giant for a new "sporty and sexy" clothing line - which she launched last week in Dubai - to suit women of all shapes and sizes, whether they're exercising or out and about.

Speaking to Savoir Flair magazine, the 'Body On Me' singer said: "I just wanted to keep it sporty and sexy. The flares are a piece that I really love and I'm wearing them myself. I haven't got the longest legs in the world, so I wanted something that made women feel like not everything has to be so tight all the time."

The musician designed the Athleisure a year ago inspired by her travels round the world for her music career.

She said: "Everything from the silhouettes and the colours that you see to the fabrics and inspiration have come from where I've been around the world and my journey with Adidas. I went on tour in Asia a couple of years ago ... I saw an old traditional robe while I was there and wanted to bring it into this collection.

"I've learned a lot more about the fabrics and the silhouettes and with Adidas there's so much room to experiment. I'm already two collections ahead right now."

The Yugoslavian-born blonde beauty admits that collaborating with the brand has helped her rein in her ideas.

She said: "What makes this collaboration special for me is that, if it were entirely up to me, no one would understand what's going on, which is exactly my personality.

"I sometimes come in with so many ideas, but the team reminds me to stay within the budget."

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