Rita Ora refuses to follow a fashion 'rule book'

Rita Ora says she doesn't follow a fashion "rule book" and likes having an eclectic sense of style.

Rita Ora refuses to follow a fashion 'rule book'

Rita Ora doesn't follow a fashion "rule book".

The pop beauty veers from wearing high fashion pieces to sportswear and urban clothes and won't ever limit herself to one style of garments.

The 25-year-old star said: "I like to think of myself as being free. I think it starts off with you thinking you don't have a specific rule book ... Owning that character and morphing into something that you feel good about and just based on that I think that it's amazing to experiment, and I love experimenting with my look."

Rita - who has modelled for Chanel and recently posed in her own underwear range that she created for Italian designer Tezenis - eclectic sense of style comes from her "glamorous" Albanian mother Vera and her surroundings growing up in west London.

Speaking in a video interview with InStyle.com, she said: "My mother was always very glamorous, you know she'd always be 'on'. And then I got obsessed with collecting magazines, ripping things out and making mood boards. And I grew up near a flea market, Portobello market. It's a famous market in London and it was always around me, creativity. People writing on walls, graffiti, music stores, and we used to have carnival every summer and people dressing up in crazy amazing outfits and dancing around. I just wanted to feel that energy all the time. And so I started to just do it myself."

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