Rochelle Humes hates gyms

Rochelle Humes won't commit to going to the gym more than once a week because she hates it so much.

Rochelle Humes hates gyms

Rochelle Humes "dreads" going to the gym.

The 27-year-old singer-and-presenter refuses to commit to exercising more than once a week because she dislikes it so much and can't stop "moaning" when she does to go work out.

She said: "I work out once a week and I can't commit to any more than that. I'm not one of those people who's like 'I enjoy it, I feel amazing after it' - I don't. I dread going I dread going when I'm there.

"And I'm not a big moaner in life but in the gym that is where the moaning goes down..."

Rochelle - who has two-year-old daughter Alaia-Mai with husband Marvin Humes - tries to maintain her slim figure with a healthy diet, but she may be upping her work out regime soon after finally finding a form of exercise she enjoys, machine-based, core-stability class Reformer Pilates.

She told "I've started doing Pilates,the reformers one. And I love it. And I've never enjoyed exercise in my life so I think, I can commit to it.

"And I just try to have a balanced diet and then I'm doing that."

But the Saturdays singer admits it isn't a particularly easy work-out.

She added: "The first time I did it I thought, 'Ooh this is going to do so much' but then the next day I was aching. Some of the stretches you do get that burn when your legs shake, but its quite chilled the environment, so I really enjoy it."

While she hates working out, Rochelle always admires other women who she sees clearly look after their figures with exercise.

She said: "As much as I say I don't like to work out because I don't, when I see someone's body and I can tell they eat well and that they've worked hard in the gym - I love that.

"I always think Jessica Alba looks like she's worked out but she looks comfortable in her body. She looks how she should look."

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