Rod Stewart 'loves' Zara

Rod Stewart has revealed he he "loves" high street store Zara's clothes and especially the low price tag.

Rod Stewart 'loves' Zara

Rod Stewart shops in high street store Zara.

The millionaire singer isn't a fashion snob when it comes to where he buys clothes and revealed he is in "love" with the reasonably priced Spanish brand.

Rod declared: "I've always loved clothes. I love Zara. I went into the one in Rio in Brazil and bought four pairs of trousers, three shirts and a couple of jackets - 220 bucks ... I've got a load of Topman stuff, too. There's nothing wrong with the high street at all. I haven't been into Dolce & Gabbana for donkey's years."

And the 'Maggie May' hitmaker has stern words with his kids about the expensive brands they wear and the money they waste on them.

The fashion conscious star added: "My son, right, he goes down to Ralph Lauren and buys a pair of shoes for 600 bucks. I said, 'Go to Zara, what is wrong with you?' "

Despite what clothes a guy wears, Rod - who has eight kids from his various relationships, Sarah, 52, Kimberly, 36, Sean, 35, Ruby, 28, Renee, 23, Liam, 21, and young sons, Alastair, nine, and Aiden, four, with current spouse Penny Lancaster - still thinks the most attractive look for a man is being in a band.

He told Q Magazine: "Being a singer in a band you could really pull the birds; it didn't matter what you looked like."

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