Rumer Willis 'stoked' about ageing

Rumer Willis insists she is "stoked" about getting older because her mother, Demi Moore, has aged so well.

Rumer Willis 'stoked' about ageing

Rumer Willis is "stoked" about getting older.

The 'Sorority Row' actress - who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - has praised her mother for being so "flawless" and making her feel positive about ageing.

Sharing pictures of her mother on Instagram, she wrote: "That face you make when your mom is flawless and you get stoked to age (sic)"

The 27-year-old actress and singer also likes to switch her hair up and previously revealed she decided to cut her hair because she wanted a "fresh start" after years of dyeing it.

She said: "I've been dyeing my hair a lot and it's been kind of getting trashed at the ends ... I just got to a point where I just wanted to cut it all off, kind of start fresh.

"I think with women, we put so much of our emotional stuff in our hair, and I think sometimes you just want to kind of chop it off and start over."

Meanwhile, Rumer also revealed she uses her hair to decide which outfit she should wear each day.

She said: "What I wear depends on my haircut. I don't even notice it, but if I have longer hair I definitely dress more girly.

"Recently, I've really been into suits. I love the Kooples, and I'm really digging that whole androgynous, woman-in-a-suit thing. I'm always looking for something different, not necessarily what's trendy. I'm the most feminine tomboy you've ever met."

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