Ryan Seacrest is set to launch sportswear line Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio

Ryan Seacrest has expanded The Ryan Seacrest Distinction clothing line to include a sportswear capsule called Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio, which is set to Macy's stores and website June 15.

Ryan Seacrest is set to launch sportswear line Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio

Ryan Seacrest is set to launch a sportswear line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio.

The 41-year-old American presenter - who launched the tailored clothing line Ryan Seacrest Distinction fashion range in 2014 and added accessories a year later - has extended the collection to include an athleisure range, which features 13 exclusive pieces including wind proof jackets, polo tops, swimming trunks and shirts.

Speaking to WWD online about the sportswear capsule, he said: "[This was my] first step into sportswear.

"This was my first time playing in this playground.

"So it relieves me [that it is a success]. I've learned a lot and the line continues to evolve."

And the 'American Idol' host has revealed his range was inspired by this Summer's Olympic games and the Brazilian country, which will hold the sporting extravaganza and will see Ryan present NBC's Late Night Olympics coverage.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his new line, he said: "We looked at the rhythm, geography and colour of Rio to come up with the piece."

The vice president and men's fashion director for Macy's Durand Guion believes Ryan's new fashion venture was a "natural" step considering Ryan's involvement in the games.

Durand said: "We said, 'Well, you're not going to be wearing a tailored suit and a tie bar in Rio.' So it opened a dialogue to create a capsule. It came about organically and quickly.

"It's new for us to create a head-to-toe concept and tell a story. But it was a lot of fun to work on."

Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio capsule will hit 150 Macy's stores and will be available to buy on their website on June 15; Ryan is hopeful the entire line will "all sell out."

Meanwhile, Ryan has also begun working on a beauty project, which has seen him partner with dermatologist Doctor Harold Lancer on a male grooming line that is rumoured to be unveiled next year.

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