Sarah-Jane Crawford wants own clothing line

Sarah-Jane Crawford has admitted she'd love to create her own clothing line in the future and already has her eye on some big brands she'd like to collaborate with.

Sarah-Jane Crawford wants own clothing line

Sarah-Jane Crawford wants her own clothing line.

The former 'Xtra Factor' presenter, 34, is keen to carve out a name for herself in the fashion industry and create her own little collection as she feels she's able to pick out pieces that work perfectly for different body shapes and sizes.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I would love to have my own clothing line because I've got a very distinct idea of the types of things that work for me.

"When I go shopping, I naturally pick out the same sorts of thing. Not that I won't move from it. But I pick stuff that suits my body shape so I wear a lot of A-line skirts. I like to have my arms out, like 50s style. So I think I'd have quite a specific idea of what sort of collection I'd like to design."

And the brunette beauty has already decided she'd like to incorporate a big brand collaboration into her future line.

She explained: "I'd either collaborate with a brand who I love already like Cos, Joseph or Whistles that sort of thing then put my own thing on it. I would love to do that."

Meanwhile, Sarah-Jane will be in her element next week when she fronts the glamorous 'Beyond the Red Carpet: British Fashion Awards' on November 24 at 8pm on E!

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