Sharon Stone soaks her face in ice water

Sharon Stone has revealed she soaks her face in ice water on days where she feels as though she looks "awful".

Sharon Stone soaks her face in ice water

Sharon Stone soaks her face in ice water when she thinks she looks "awful".

The 57-year-old actress says knowing that she's not the only woman who struggles with looking good while working and raising children makes her feel better but that she also has a few tricks to get rid of puffy bags under her eyes.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Restylane Proof in Real Life reveal event in Berlin, she shared: "I know that there are in the world literally millions of other women who feel like I feel. I'm so not the only single working mother or even working mother or working woman who's just exhausted, and knowing that helps me.

"It's exhausting and, frankly, what I do is I take a metal bowl and I fill it with ice and I put water in it and I put my face in it. Because I have to put my face on camera and it's not great when I look awful."

The 'Basic Instinct' star - who has adopted son Roan with ex-husband Phil Bronstein and two more adopted sons Laird and Quinn - also confessed she doesn't think of herself as being particularly fit and says she's just lucky to be naturally thin, although she does love working out.

She explained: "I'm just skinny. But I'm not so much in shape ... I have a really flat ass.

"But I actually really like to exercise, I just like it. I just love to go to the 'everybody' gym, it's something I enjoy."

Meanwhile, Sharon - who was also previously married to TV producer Michael Greenburg - insists she doesn't think a man's appearance is the most important thing when it comes to dating.

The blonde beauty added: "Not everybody's attracted to someone because they look like Tom Cruise. Some people are attracted to people because they absolutely don't look like that."

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