Shay Mitchell's bright lipstick scares off men

Shay Mitchell believes her bright lipstick puts men off of kissing her.

Shay Mitchell's bright lipstick scares off men

Shay Mitchell's bright lipsticks put men off kissing her.

The 29-year-old 'Pretty Little Liars' actress - who plays Emily Fields in the American drama series - has admitted that men dislike her wearing bold lip colours because it's less "kissable", although she hopes the man she dates won't be as scared by her make-up choices and will kiss her anyway.

Speaking to People magazine about the hindrances of her cosmetic choices, the brunette beauty said: "I love a beautiful pop of colour [on the lips]. Guys don't like it because it's not as kissable, and they're worried about getting it on their lips.

"But the guy that I date wouldn't be worried if I had lipstick on or not."

Shay - who is the ambassador for skin care brand Bioré - has revealed her acting career has taken a toll on face and she has had to develop a much better skincare regime to combat the effects of wearing heavy makeup for her job.

The Canadian model explained: "When I started acting and having my make-up done every day, it affected my skin in a bad way, so I really started taking better care of it.

"I make sure I get every ounce of make-up off before I go to bed. This cleanser does that for me. I don't even have to use make-up removing wipes first, which is a great thing."

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