Sophia Bush is 'shocked' by the amount of clothes she owns

Sophia Bush was "shocked" by the amount of clothes she owned, which she has recently put up for auction and will see part of donations go towards The Girl Project to help educate women.

Sophia Bush is 'shocked' by the amount of clothes she owns

Sophia Bush was "shocked" by the amount of clothes she owned.

The 'Chicago P.D.' actress - who spent 20 hours clearing out her two wardrobes so she could auction off over one thousand garments to raise money for The Girl Project organisation, which will provide an education for women across the globe - was surprised by how much "stuff" she has kept hold of over the years, and has admitted she now wants to embark on a "healthier relationship" with her closet.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her recent spring clean, the brunette beauty said: "I'm trying to have a healthier relationship with the idea of wardrobe turnover, honestly. The chicest women I know are constantly editing, and it's not such a parting process for them. But man oh man, putting some of those Chanel bags into the "auction" pile certainly caused pangs of doubt!

"I was mainly just shocked by the sheer amount of stuff I've acquired over the years."

The 33-year-old intended to sell some of the costumes she wore during her nine-year run as Brooke Davis on the hit drama series 'One Tree Hill', as well as designer ensembles she adorned to red carpet events, which she has signed for the additional personal touch.

She explained: "There's an orange gown I wore to a Golden Globes party one year that was my favourite! Items from 'One Tree Hill' and 'Partners' wardrobe. Accessories and bags because they're timeless, fun, and require no measure-matching! And for anyone who wears the same size shoe as me, it's a wonderland!

"[I've] signed some items that were nostalgic and recognizable. Pieces I've worn on shows, items I've worn to big events. It felt nice to personalize some things."

However, Sophia refuses to let go of the more sentimental items.

Speaking about the pieces she is so closely attached to and simply can't part with, she said: "Sentimental items. Vintage sweaters from the '40s that my mom's best friend gave to me as a little girl. The first jacket I ever bought with an acting paycheck. The Calvin Klein gown I wore to my first CFDA [Awards]. Those things I'll save, always."

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