Sophie Tweed-Simmons OK with plus-size label

Sophie Tweed-Simmons isn't bothered about being called a 'plus-size' model because she is happy in her own skin.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons OK with plus-size label

Sophie Tweed-Simmons doesn't mind being referred to as a 'plus-size' model.

The 23-year-old star - who is the daughter of KISS' Gene Simmons and model Shannon Tweed - has no qualms about being told she is larger than other models and will definitely not be losing weight to bag herself a contract.

She said: "I had met with other plus-size agencies and because I'm not exactly a straight size, people didn't want to book me. My agency said, 'We're going to pitch you separately and find specific projects that work for you. It's not a casting call, so we are going to find people that don't want to change you.'

"Models have to take it upon themselves to seek that out. Just because someone tells you to lose weight doesn't mean you have to. Look for other agencies and see where they will take you as you are. Nowadays, it's so great to see real women and no Photoshop."

And Sophie went on to explain how she's learnt "wellness" is not about size but instead about being happy in your own skin.

She added to New York magazine's The Cut: "When I was in high school, I thought wellness was being skinny and pretty. I think a lot of young people still think that. Wellness has many different shapes and sizes; you can't just look at what your best friend is doing and do that. It should be what makes you feel best and what makes you happy."

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