Stella Tennant discourages children from modelling

Stella Tennant has insisted she will not allow her children to pursue modelling career like her, because the industry is "fickle".

Stella Tennant discourages children from modelling

Stella Tennant won't let her children become models.

The 45-year-old supermodel is trying to discourage her children Marcel, 17, Cecily, 14, Jasmine, 12 and Iris, 10, from following in her footsteps and taking to the runway because she thinks the fashion industry is "fickle".

Speaking to ES magazine in today's (17.03.16) issue about her brood's future career, the mother of four said: "I'm very much discouraging them from pursuing ideas of modelling. They've got to get on with school. Education is really important. Never more so than now.

"Modelling is the most fickle thing ever - it's not something that I would ever recommend someone to try too hard to do, because it either happens or it doesn't. It's out of your control - that's the problem with it. You might be offered stuff and that's great. If you're not offered it? Forget it."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who boasts a history with iconic fashion houses Calvin Klein, Hermès, Burberry and L.K.Bennett - admitted that she treats her cat-walking past as a separate life, although it is drastically changed since she emerged on the scene with a controversial piercing.

She said: "It's always difficult to tell what's changed, because my perspective has changed. I'm in my mid-forties, I've got kids, I live in the countryside ... I'm really on the periphery. I can dip into it, go back home and it's another life. But it's so different being a young model now. You have all the pressures of social media. You're expected to be involved with all kinds of projects and exposing so much of yourself constantly. I would hate that side of it."

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