Stephanie Sigman's speedy make-up routine

Stephanie Sigman insists she is faster than her male pals at getting ready for a night out as she doesn't wear a lot of make-up.

Stephanie Sigman's speedy make-up routine

Stephanie Sigman is faster at getting ready than her male friends.

The 'SPECTRE' star insists she doesn't spend a lot of time doing her make-up when she's not working and is known to be quicker than her pals.

She said: "I'm usually really fast. I don't use a lot of products. I don't even like to wear make-up when I'm not working.

"It's good for my skin. I'm even faster at getting ready than my guy friends."

However, that doesn't mean the 28-year-old beauty doesn't like having a "glam team".

She added: "I'm pretty spoilt when it comes to having a glam team. Being a girl, there are some days when I'm not feeling pretty, but after hair and make-up I'll go look in the mirror and be like, I may not feel great but I look amazing, so that's pretty cool."

Meanwhile, Stephanie admits she is usually an avid fitness fan but hasn't had time to keep to her routine because she has been working so much.

She added to InStyle magazine: "I haven't done anything for a couple of months because I've been working and travelling so much.

"I usually like to go running three times a week, and I also do boxing or yoga, so I'm feeling pretty unfit right now."

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