Suki Waterhouse shaved off entire eyebrow

Suki Waterhouse accidentally shaved off one eyebrow in a "crazy" ablution session, because she didn't have any tweezers to hand.

Suki Waterhouse shaved off entire eyebrow

Suki Waterhouse's biggest beauty mistake was shaving off an eyebrow.

The 24-year-old model - who made her debut in the fashion industry at the age of 19 when she landed her first campaign with Marks and Spencer - accidentally removed one entire brow in a "crazy" ablutions session in an attempt to tame her "feral" facial feature, because she didn't have tweezers.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine about her beauty blunder, the blonde star said: "I once accidentally shaved off one of my eyebrows! It was in a crazy attempt to tidy them up when I didn't have any tweezers. Naturally, my brows can be quite feral, so I look a bit happier when the hairs are brushed up. I tend to use any eyebrow gel I can get my hands on."

Suki - who previously dated Bradley Cooper - has also revealed her hair doesn't need much maintenance so she trims her own locks and relies on cupboard ingredients as a DIY conditioner.

She explained: "I cut my own fringe and take scissors to it late at night when I can't sleep. It isn't looking too great right now, so I'm growing it out and starting again. I use hairstylist Neil Moodie's products and never blow-dry my hair. I prefer the way it looks after washing it, then sticking my head out of the car window. A quick brush-through and I'm good to go.

"I'm more comfortable as a blonde. When I'm blonde I'll throw on egg whites, mayo and yoghurt to keep it conditioned and, douse it in Argan oil overnight.

"I went brunette for a film and I can confirm that dyeing your hair is both liberating and distressing. The good thing about having dark hair is that you can go without washing it for a few days, which is always a plus."

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