Suki Waterhouse: Wearing heels is my idea of hell

Suki Waterhouse has admitted she would rather wear trainers than struggle to stand in high-heels, because it's not a "good" look for anyone.

Suki Waterhouse: Wearing heels is my idea of hell

Suki Waterhouse's "idea of hell" is wearing high-heels.

The 23-year-old model has admitted she would rather slip on a pair of trainers than stumble around in shoes she can't walk in properly when she goes out partying.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "It's my idea of hell wearing heels to a club; I don't see why anyone would.

"If you've got a great pair of heels and you can dance it's fine. But for me, I don't want to stand around the table, I want to go onto the floor and just like, be going mad. And I'm in my trainers and a little dress or something."

And the blonde beauty doesn't just think high-heels is a bad look for herself, as she also can't "understand" the style and thinks even supermodels are incapable of pulling them off.

She explained: "I think people want to be sexy, people want to look good. But you look good if you're comfortable.

"I want to shimmy across the floor and I can't do that in, like, a bandage dress and heels, so I don't really get that kind of style. You could be the most gorgeous girl, but I don't think they look good."

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