Susan Sarandon's 'natural' beauty regime

Susan Sarandon likes to keep her beauty regime to the minimum and just rely on healthy foods and plenty of water.

Susan Sarandon's 'natural' beauty regime

Susan Sarandon used to take a "natural approach" to beauty.

The 69-year-old actress may have just become the newest ambassador for L'Oréal Paris but she has admitted she rarely got a wax or got her hair done when she was younger.

She explained: "I am of the generation that was baking bread and living in the country, so I was aware of what I was putting into my body but not necessarily getting waxed and getting my hair done every week or anything like that. I had a very natural approach to maintaining myself."

And, although she's still not into smothering her face with lots of products, the brunette beauty - who resides in the US - makes sure she wears sunscreen every day without fail.

Asked how things have changed now she's nearing 70, she told Vogue magazine: "I think I'm a little more careful now to wear suncream, and other things which I didn't really think about as my young hippie self. I never have been very up on the latest trends in fashion or beauty."

Susan believes the secret behind her flawless complexion is gobbling down lots of vegetables and drinking water.

She said: "Really it's about eating proper fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and - most importantly - not smoking cigarettes."

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