Tea Leoni loves her lines

Madam Secretary' Tea Leoni says she is proud of the lines on her face as they tell the story of her life.

Tea Leoni loves her lines

Tea Leoni has "earned every line" on her face.

The 49-year-old actress - who stars in political drama 'Madam Secretary' as America's Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord - is proud of her looks and the experiences that have aged her over the years.

She said: "I earned every line on my face. Every mistake, every sunburn, every stress, every beautiful moment. Every minute of a 30-hour labour - that was the first one - I'm wearing it. And I wonder why that isn't considered, in its own way, gorgeous."

The blonde beauty has two daughter Madelaine West, 16, and son Kyd Miller, 13, with ex-husband David Duchovny and says co-parenting, whilst working on set for 12-hour days, means makes her cherish every moment she gets to spend with her children.

She told Emmy magazine: "I am just staring at my children all the time. The other day they said, 'Mom, it's creepy.' I'm like, 'I just want to watch you watch TV - I'm desperate for this time.' And they're like, 'Seriously, knock it off.'

"I actually believe my job and John Kerry's [the current US Secretary of State] job are comparable in terms of the hours."

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