Toni Garrn clowns around on set

Model Toni Garrn loves "being a clown" on set and fears she would get bored if she were to take her job too seriously.

Toni Garrn clowns around on set

Toni Garrn loves "being a clown" on set.

The 22-year-old model has revealed she likes to joke around and maintain a light-hearted atmosphere while she works as she fears taking her job too seriously would cause her to grow bored.

She said: "It can be quite boring if you take it very seriously, so I dance around and I say, 'Let me know when you're all ready!' I don't like being the centre of attention necessarily, but I like being a clown."

The blonde beauty - who has over 3,000 followers on her Instagram account - also revealed she worries about the way she comes across on social media, although she insists having a voice and getting feedback from her fans via the picture sharing site makes her job "more fun".

She explained to The Daily: "Social media has changed things a lot since I started out seven years ago

"With Instagram, I'm getting so much back from the fans. They also post so many pictures of me that I might not otherwise see. Everyone who follows me gets to see what I'm about, and it makes my job more fun. Models have more of a voice and a say. I want it to be very real and me. I don't want to come across the wrong way, which is hard when being funny or sarcastic at times, but I also want to make my posts more interesting."

Toni - who enjoyed a brief romance with Leonardo DiCaprio last year - also hinted at trying her hand at acting in the future.

She said: "I've always loved theatre in school, especially comedy. My friends who know me well know that I'm not very serious. I'm very sarcastic."

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