Twiggy celebrates 50 years in fashion with a new collection

Twiggy has celebrated 50 years in the fashion industry with a Spring/Summer 2016 collection for M&S.

Twiggy celebrates 50 years in fashion with a new collection

Twiggy has launched a new collection in collaboration with Marks & Spencer to celebrate 50 years in fashion.

The 1960s fashion icon - who was renowned for her wide-eyed pose and sleek cropped bob when she emerged on the scene at 16 years old - has remained a recognisable figure in the industry for half a century, and to commemorate this momentous occasion she has designed a range for women of every shape and size.

Speaking to MailOnline about her 15th collection for the master brand, the 66-year-old beauty said: "My new spring collection is a continuation of what we've been designing over the last four years. My main objective is to produce a range of stylish, affordable, fun, well made clothes for every woman. I'm very particular about fabric and cut as well as the actual design. I think the new spring collection is also very wearable, whatever age you are. I don't believe in clothes ageism. I think it's good to find a style that suits you and you feel comfortable with; no one wants to be a fashion victim. But it's also fun to experiment with new things - so be brave. I recently gave a friend a pair of my skinny jeans - as she swore she couldn't wear them - and she absolutely loved them and has found a whole new look."

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection, which is available to buy online now, features a muted earthy colour palette as well as a nautical theme; including an array of dresses - from shirt style to wrap around - wardrobe staples and show-stopping fitted biker jackets in a range of colours.

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