Twiggy makes curtains

Twiggy loves sewing and even makes her own curtains and bedding.

Twiggy makes curtains

Twiggy makes her own curtains.

The 66-year-old former model - who has a clothing line for Marks and Spencers and an eyewear range for Specsavers - has always had a passion for design, and though she no longer makes her own clothes, she is still handy with a sewing machine.

She said: "As a schoolgirl I wanted to get into art school and study fashion design and now I'm designing for M&S and Specsavers.

"I learned to sew early and still get pleasure from it.

"I made all our curtains and bedcovers.

"As a mod in the sixties I made all my own clothes. It was important to have the right outfit every week."

And Twiggy also loves making clothes for her two young grandchildren.

She said: "I'm knitting like a fiend for them. I've always knitted and sewed, and so did my mum, in front of the telly.

"Suddenly I've got these two beautiful grandchildren to make things for."

When she isn't knitting or sewing, Twiggy loves to cook for her family.

She added in an interview: "In this business, you need a pastime that helps you cut off. My hobbies are sewing, knitting and cooking. They're very theraputic and I enjoy them.

"I make a mean Mexican but half my family is vegetarian so I've learned to cook a chilli with Quorn. I love preparing Italian food."

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