Vanessa Hudgens' dress drama

Vanessa Hudgens has confessed she struggled to get used to her costumes during the dress rehearsals for the Broadway adaptation of 'Gigi' and often found herself stumbling over the 1950s style gowns.

Vanessa Hudgens repeatedly "stumbled" over her dresses while rehearsing 'Gigi'.

The 'Spring Breakers' actress - who is currently starring in the Broadway adaptation of the 1958 classic film - has confessed she struggled to get used to the 50s-style gowns during run-throughs and often found herself falling over her own feet.

She said: "It's very interesting. It's like a minefield and there's just trains everywhere. Your like, 'Don't step there! Don't step there! Don't step there!'

"It's really incredible to think about the fact women used to wear these dresses every day and that's how they lived their lives.

"I've definitely stumbled a few times. My feet have done me wrong many times."

The brunette beauty, 26, was also forced to face her fear of heights while rehearsing for the show and confessed she finally got used to being thrown around during the energetic dance routines which were choreographed by Broadway favourite Joshua Bergasse.

Speaking on America's 'The Talk' she said: "I showed up for my first day at work at the rehearsal space and Joshua Bergasse, he is amazing, said, 'What should we do, maybe like pick her up put her on your shoulder, run over here. You fall back into these other guys' arms, they'll throw you up and you will land.' And I was like, 'You want me to do what? Are you sure about that, because I don't know? I didn't sign up for this.' But sure enough after a couple of times squealing, every time they pick me up, you get used to it."

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